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  • We are a Local Appraisal Company located in Bakersfield CA, only 20 miiles to Wasco CA.
  • Wasco Appraisers are Licensed by the State of California and Wasco Appraisers carry one million dollars of E & O Insurance.
  • We guarantee our work and have a proven track record of providing Wasco Appraisals our clients can trust.
  • Online ordering and tracking software allows our clients to get the status of their Wasco Appraisal Reports 24 hrs. a day.
  • We use the best property data services on the market today. Our Wasco Appraisers have access to Bakersfield MLS, Metroscan, NDCdata and Public Records.

How quickly can I get my Wasco Appraisal Report?

Our Turnaround Time is 3 Business Days from the day the appraiser inspects the subject property.

Money Back Guarantee!
If NorthStar Real Estate Appraising exceeds 3 Business Days on any single family residential appraisal we will give you an unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How much does it cost for my Wasco Appraisal?

  • Conventional Single Family Residence $400
  • Multi Family Residence (2-4 units) $800
  • Mobile Homes (Manufactures) $450
  • New Construction $450
  • Drive By Exterior Only $250
  • Re-Inspections $200
  • Form 1007 $125
  • Form 216 $125
  • Acreage $100
  • Single Family Homes 3000 + sq. ft $100.
  • No show trip fee $75

Payment Methods Accepted

You can pay for the appraisal by using a Credit Card, Money Order, Cash or Check.
All appraisal fees must be paid in full before we release the appraisal report.

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The City of Wasco CA

Wasco is a city in Kern County, California. The population was at 21,263 as of the 2000 census and is 20 miles away from Bakersfield.

To read more about the city of Wasco CA follow this link to 's online encyclopedia.